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D3T 1/8 RC EP Drift Tricycle Chassis KIT TUKCICA

Item No.: US-88200
Drift Version

.Scale: 1/8
.Overall length: 249mm (included bodyshell)
.Width: 154mm (included bodyshell)
.Height: 194mm (included bodyshell)
.Wheelbase: 174mm

.Three wheel (rwd)
.Three-gear transmission seal gear case
.Rear wheel independent suspension
.Front fork two-spring shock 
.Rear wheel damping shock absorber 
.Adjustable front fork angle system
.Dual spring steering buffer tie rod
.Rims and drift tries
.Full ball bearing
.High tenacity and impact resistance nylon
.Metal motor mount
.Transparent pc bodyshell
.Metal pinion gear
.Metal spur gear adaptor 

D3T-01 Rear Gear Case
D3T-02 Front Steering Brace
D3T-03 Rear Lower Arm
D3T-04 Suspension Mounts
D3T-05 Front Shock Bushing
D3T-06 Rear Hub
D3T-07 Spur Gear
D3T-08 Ball End Set
D3T-09 Universal Bone Cushion
D3T-10 Rear Solid Axle 
D3T-11 Servo Arm
D3T-12 Servo Mount
D3T-13 Battery Mount
D3T-14 Rear Shock Tower
D3T-15 Chassis
D3T-16 Front Body Mount 
D3T-17 Rear Body Mount  
D3T-18 Main Brace
D3T-19 Mid Gear For Gear Case
D3T-20 Top Shaft for Front Wheel
D3T-21 4.8mm Inner thread Ball Nut
D3T-22 4.8mm Ball Nut
D3T-23 Metal Motor Mount
D3T-24 Front Shock Spring
D3T-25 Front Shock Shaft
D3T-26 Top Shaft Gear Set for Gear Case
D3T-27 Top Shaft for Front Steering
D3T-28 Rear Arm Shaft
D3T-29 Metal Spur Gear Adaptor
D3T-30 Universal Axle
D3T-31 Universal Bone 
D3T-32 Steering Buffer & Turnbuckle Set
D3T-33 Shock Set
D3T-34 Wheel Set(F & R)
D3T-35 Tires Set (PP Meterial, F & R)
D3T-36 TUKCICA Bodyshell Kit
(Transparent PC meterial, Included Decals)
D3T-37 BAJCICA Bodyshell Kit
(Transparent PC meterial, Included Decals)
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